The Knapp Family

Our Knapp family history began in the sleepy little city of Baden-Baden in the Kingdom of Baden located within the legendary Black Forest of Germany. It is a very beautiful region filled with a multitude of grape vines growing on gently sloping hills. It is located in the southwest corner of Germany bordering on France.

It was in this idyllic setting that our Great Great Grandmother Eva Carolina Knapp was born in 1811. Four years later in 1815 her brother Charles Knapp was born. Her sister Elisabeth Knapp was born there in 1823, and following that in 1827 her brother David Knapp was born.

Eva, Charles and the other Knapp children and grand children spent their childhood and early adulthood growing up in Baden-Baden.

Around 1848 there was a big political upheaval in Germany which well may be the reason that Charles decided to immigrate to America with his mother Eva Carolina, his children and many of his siblings. The Knapp family arrived in Detroit around 1848 – 1850.

The Knapp family became related to the Ott family when Peter Ott married Eva Carolina Knapp in the Black Forest area of Baden-Baden, Germany around the 1840's. Wilhelm Ott is the son of Peter and Carolin Ott. He migrated to the United States in 1870. Subsequently, he married Sophie Becker in 1878.

The Ott family became related to the Bender family when Elizabeth Ott married Henry Charles Bender on August 2nd, 1894. Elizabeth Ott is the daughter of Sophie Becker and Wilhelm Ott. Edward Paul Bender is the son of Elizabeth and Henry Bender. Edward Bender married Marie Dahl on August 25th, 1934. Nancy, Michael, Sandy, Bill and Doug are the children of Edward and Marie Bender. Warren, Linda, Donna and Craig Stephens are the children of Nancy. Michelle, Michael and Doug Jr. Bender are the children of Doug Bender.

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