The Friedrichs Family

The Friedrichs Family is at this time the oldest known line of Edward Bender’s family tree.

We know that the Friedrichs family was in Detroit prior to May, 1855 as our great great grandmother Elisabeth Friedrichs married our great great grandfather, Johannes Becker in Detroit on the 21st of May, 1855 in St. Mary’s Church.

We are not certain exactly when she and her family arrived in Detroit but it appears that they arrived here shortly before 1855 as only Frank (or Francis) Friedrich is listed in the 1855 Detroit City Directory.

The Friedrichs family appears in the 1863 Detroit City Directory and appears to be established in the city, Thomas as a cooper and Charles as a glass stainer. Thomas Friedrichs and Johannes Becker lived one block away in 1855 and were both coopers, so this is most likely how Elisabeth Friedrichs met Johannes Becker and Thomas Friedrichs or Francis Friedrichs was most likely the father of Elisabeth Friedrichs.

Many other male members of our Friedrichs family soon appeared in the Detroit City Directory from 1864 to 1868 and lived in the immediate vicinity of Elisabeth and Johannes Becker.

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