Our Bender Family History

The Bender family history story began in 1955 when 11 year old Sandy Bender visited 59 year old Arthur Bender on Neff street in Detroit. Her Uncle Arthur told many stories about our ancestors, stories he had heard from his mother and grandmother.

Our family history was greatly expanded through interviews with Mildred Bender Neff in 1980. Mildred had an excellent memory and a treasure trove of many colorful and interesting Bender and Ott stories.

Later, a visit with her 78 year old cousin, John Wittenberg, son of Elizabeth Bender Wittenberg in 1981 greatly expanded the stories of Bender family members from the 19th century. Sandy took notes and immediately transcribed these stories after each visit to preserve the complete content.

This Bender biography is the only account of these stories as the subjects and the narrators have long since passed on.

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